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I don’t remember exactly when I got my first camera, but I remember taking photos from an early age. I still have some of the photos I took, age 7, in Walt Disney World on my compact camera with a cube flash; they are certainly nothing to write home about though. My third camera, which I used while studying media production at college and uni, was a Canon SLR.

With the emergence of digital photography, I struggled (at first) to believe that it would take off and desperately tried to stick with 35mm. I had a couple of compact digital cameras, before I finally upgraded my SLR to digital – and have never really looked back. I’m rarely seen without a camera to hand, much to my friend’s annoyance at times, busy capturing the goings on around me.

I started using Instagram in early 2011 and it quickly became my favourite social media channel. I only share photos taken on my phone though (it doesn’t feel very ‘instant’ if I have to download photos from my camera and get them onto my phone to be able to post them on the gram) which means my ‘proper’ photos often don’t get shared. With this website and blog I want to try and change that.

photo a day

At the beginning of January 2012, I set myself a challenge to take at least one photo, every day, the only rules being that they had to be taken on my phone. I thought I’d be lucky if I lasted a month but I proved that sometimes I can stick to things and still post pretty much every day.

These pictures have become a visual record of my life of my life which I’ve turned into photo books (at least I will eventually, only done 2012 and 2013 so far – they are time consuming to make!). I love flicking through them and the memories they bring back – even if the photo is something quite abstract.

I don’t know if I’ll keep it up forever but I’m in the habit of doing it now so intend to keep going for as long as I can.

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