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2021. WTF

Oh the high hopes we had for 2021 after the shitstorm of 2020. Who knew we’d still be living with a virus hanging over us, restricting day to day life, as we look forward to another year.

I’ve been doing some looking back on the year today, and in many years there have been a lot of highs. From starting a new job to finally making it to Glasgow, a city I’ve wanted to explore for years. I’ve stitched a lot, walked a lot, photographed a lot. It’s been a very creative year in many ways.

I saw my oldest friend who I hadn’t seen in over four years. Virtually I’ve met some wonderful people, and have even met IRL people that I originally met online. 

On the flip side. I’ve hardly seen my family, haven’t left the UK once, was unable to celebrate Adam’s 40th in the way we would’ve liked and I’ve become more and more socially awkward and anxious as time goes on.

I’m not one for new year’s resolutions, so as we head rapidly towards 2022 I’ve not been thinking about ways that I want to dramatically change my life, knowing that I won’t keep them. 

I am thinking about what I want to achieve in 2022 though – making my own clothes (a goal I’ve had for years which I really thought this year I would finally achieve!), writing more on my blog, finally ripping out and replacing my kitchen.

My main aim for 2022 is to keep moving. I’ve allowed things to stall and I want to keep moving things forward. Stop putting off things that are within my control. Move my body more – wfh has a lot of perks but I need to get out more!
Only time will tell what the state of the world will be this time next year, but I’m going to focus on the things within my control and make the most of the year.

Bauble by Mean Mail – this year’s addition to my Christmas decoration collection.

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