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World photography day

Everyday is photography day in my life, seeing as I very rarely go anywhere without my camera in hand, but I do love jumping on a bandwagon.

After years of being a devoted Canon user, since way back in 1996 or so when I got my EOS Rebel G, I’ve recently bitten the bullet and have upgraded to a Fuji X-T10. We’d been talking about it for ages as Adam has a Fuji and is constantly singing it’s praises, but when I bust my 50mm lens due to a leak and this second hand camera became available, it felt like fate.

My new toy

It’s been a learning curve. I knew how to do everything quickly and easily on my Canon EOS 800D whereas on this it’s like learning from scratch, but I’m loving the quality of the photos and it’s so much more lightweight. An added bonus is that I can now (if I look after them) borrow Adam’s lenses.

My photography journey has been an interesting one since I got my first camera as a child. I’ve studied photography and withheld the transition to digital as long as I could. I’ve enjoyed experimenting with mobile phone photography (all my posts over on my main Instagram account @lizetta are still always taken on my iPhone) but have always had an SLR close at hand.

This year I’ve decided to develop my skills further by signing up to A Year With My Camera and next month I’ll be taking part in the 24 hour project for the fourth time.

Some of my friends hate me for always capturing those moments they want forgotten, and it does take me a long time to get anywhere sometimes as I’m always looking for an interesting shot, but with a visual memory, the photos I take act as my memories. I won’t always remember something based on a story, but show me a photo and it all comes flooding back.

I often wish I still had my very first camera with the rotating flash cube, but sadly that and my Ricoh compact camera that I got next are no longer in my possession. I do though have a collection of family members’ cameras as well as all my SLRs and it’s a collection I cherish.

Happy world photography day!

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