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2023 vision board

I had purposely kept today free of plans so I could ease into the first weekend of 2023 and go with the flow. It resulted in a day at home, stitching, watching TV and doing a bit of home organisation.

It also meant I could join Anne Ditmeyer’s (aka @pretavoyager) vision board workshop live as I knew otherwise I’d never take the time to do it. Two hours dedicated to me, spent flicking through magazines, pulling out words and images that resonated with me in someway, while listening to Anne talk about how she went from vision board sceptic to discovering the magic in them. Anne was inspiring as always as she shared her approach to them, the meaning and stories behind some of the elements of her vision boards over the years and sharing vision boards made by other members of the Mapping Your Path community.

I’ve done vision boards for the past two years, and whilst I don’t look at them often, they have been interesting to look at periodically and always at the end of each year as part of my yearly reflections.

For 2023 I’ve ended up with a double sided A3 vision board. There was just so much I wanted to include, and still some bits didn’t make it due to space.

I’m remaining neutral on 2023 after perhaps heading into recent years over optimistically (unlike the pessimist that I usually am), but I’m hoping for good things this year personally, even if the wider world continues to implode on itself.

If you’re interested in watching the workshop replay, you can sign up over on Anne’s website. You can see what other attendees created using the Instagram hashtag #pavvisionboardworkshop

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  1. Lindsay

    I would love to but not enough days the week. Love your boards but how come have so much sourced material, a few gardening magazines and that is it, I’d be sure ! They are fascinating to look, at, relatable xxx❤️p

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