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Quintessentially English – lizetta loves
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Quintessentially English

Is anybody else well and truly bored of talk of the upcoming coronation? It seems to have infiltrated into all parts of life, with every company seemingly doing something to ‘celebrate’ this event. I don’t see why tax payers money being spent on a lavish ceremony for a person born into privilege is something we should all be celebrating.

At a time when the divide between rich and poor in this country continues to grow, everyone seems to ignore the fact that the royal family have done nothing to be in the position they are in, other than be born into a very wealthy family that for historical and traditional reasons has power and influence over the UK and the commonwealth that I’ll never fully understand. I’m afraid the ‘they are good for tourism’ argument isn’t enough. If this is all we’ve got to encourage people to visit this country then something has gone incredibly wrong.

Ok, I had a lot of respect for old Queenie; she became queen, unexpectedly, in a very different time and did give her life to service of this country. But surely, 70 plus years after her coronation, the world has changed and there is no place in this world for such a role? And even if this role does continue to exist, do ancient traditions of a rich person getting driven around on parade in a gold carriage, wearing a crown, waving at the ‘peasants’ who line the route really belong in the modern world? Other countries have shown how royalty can exist in a different way, so why are we in the UK so hell bent on all this patriotic pomp and circumstance?!

We’re all being encouraged to feel a sense of national pride alongside this nonsense. Have street parties with our neighbours and get involved in charity work because we’ve all been given a day off work*?! Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for charity, helping out others and getting to know people in my local community, but this whole charade feels like forced fun and ignores the fact that a lot of people give up their time and money all year round to improve the lives of others.

I love a bookshop but couldn’t believe it when I came across this corner of Hatchards on Piccadilly earlier this year. I can think of many things that are quintessentially English beyond the Royal family. And being the pedant that I am, I believe it should say British not English when referring to this family. (As if this wasn’t enough, there was a separate section on royal history.

London is going to be hell over the coronation weekend. I’m on the hunt for safe places I can go to where I can avoid it all. The only thing I’m looking forward to is seeing the people that inevitably have nothing better to do with their lives than camp along the Mall in the build up to it – I’m a sucker for a spot of people watching and a good photo opportunity. Otherwise, roll on 9 May when this will all be over.

*Well the people who work Monday to Friday in typical 9-5 roles have, not the hospitality, leisure and entertainment industries and infrastructure and support services who will still be expected to serve and support those enjoying their day off.

2 thoughts on “Quintessentially English

  1. Lindsay Davis

    I support his stand on the environment, labelled a nutcase who talked to plants he was way ahead of many. I suspect he will not be able to stay silent, as his mother did, on many issues. Sadly seems to care more than the current government! Without his platform he would be ignored. That is not, however, a good argument for keeping the monarchy but be careful what you wish for and perhaps start by reforming The House of Lords and Civil Service – what should their roles be in 21st century Britain?

    1. Lizetta Post author

      This isn’t about comparing one group to another. Yes the House of Lords is also out of place in a ‘democratic’ country and the civil service has its own problems, but this coronation charade really needs to kick off a proper conversation about the royal family’s position. He doesn’t need a coronation to use the platform he has.

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