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Denmark Hill

One of the things I’ve found since moving to Camberwell in early 2009 is how few people know where it is in London. A big reason for this is because there is no mention of it on the tube map.

I remember when I first lived in Brixton, I navigated London by tube and as soon as I had to resort to buses I immediately got lost. In fact, it took me a while to realise there was a train station I could use to get to Victoria on those days when the Victoria line was borked – and I was amazed at how few other people realised that and instead waited amongst the hoards for buses, possibly because there were city bound (a place I was always very clear to recruiters I did not want to work).

Camberwell may not officially have a train station (ie there isn’t one with Camberwell in the station name) but Denmark Hill station, near Kings College Hospital in Camberwell, has great connections to the city (via Blackfriars or City Thameslink), Victoria or out into Kent.

Living at the Walworth end of Camberwell I often forget about it myself, but today it was the perfect gateway to our Sunday adventure.

And amazingly for London transport, everything has been on our side today, with minimal time waiting at bus stops and train stations. In fact both ways we got trains that Citymapper didn’t even give us as options! I’ve even discovered how easy it will be to get to places I’ve had on my to visit list for a while.

When I moved to Camberwell, I remember wondering how easy it would be to get places without the tube. In reality it turns out it’s far more accessible to anywhere else in London that I’ve lived. And today I was reminded of that fact.

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