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Daffodil season

I couldn’t resist treating myself to these Lego daffodils when I was in their Battersea shop last week. Compared to some of the other floral kits, they weren’t expensive and it saves me having to buy flowers every week to bring some sunshine joy to the flat. I won’t have to tidy up fallen petals. These are low maintenance flowers that will cheer up every day of the year. I also enjoyed some quality me time as I followed the methodical, if repetitive, instructions to put them together.

Daffodils are the national flower of Wales and today is St David’s Day – their national day. Apparently 1 March is when we normally start seeing daffodils flowering, a sure sign that spring is on the way. Of course they’ve been on sale in shops for weeks, but there is something lovely about seeing these flowers transform patches of green in parks and gardens to vibrant yellow as they blossom. It feels like it gets earlier and earlier each year though.

I have no biological link to Wales, but due to a lifelong friend living atop a mountain when we were young, I have been a frequent visitor and have a lot of nostalgic memories from trips to South Wales throughout my life. More recently, holidays to different parts of the country have helped me develop a great love of the Welsh hills and valleys. It’s a country I want to explore more.

As for it being March, I wish this year would slow down a bit.

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