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Comfort food

Ready. Steady. Cook!

I have become a bit of a creature of habit when it comes to the meals I cook for us. I have a short list of rotating faves that are generally easy to cook and we know will be tasty. Every now and then I try and do something new, but often it doesn’t quite taste as good as it looks so I go back to the old faves.

On Sunday morning this recipe by the delightful Nigel Slater jumped out at me on Instagram and I thought tonight would be the perfect night to try it. It’s been a chilly day, so cozy comfort food was in order, and I wanted to cook something a little special for our last dinner before I go away for a few nights.

Adam had picked up the ingredients on his way home from work, and it was like Ready Steady Cook when I walked into the kitchen to see everything laid out.

It wasn’t the quickest meal to cook, and I may have had to use all the pans (sorry Adam for creating so much washing up), but it was straightforward and I the cooking process was pretty relaxing. I did need my sous chef’s assistance to make the white sauce though – I find its hard to avoid lumps when you’re stirring while slowly pouring in the milk.

20 minutes after putting it in the oven, a bubbling dish of food was ready for us to enjoy, complete with a delicious looking cheesy top.

Gnocchi with leeks, cream and mustard

Now I’ve always been a bit dubious of gnocchi, so I wasn’t 100% sure this would be a success but once again Nigel has worked his magic with this recipe. It was delicious. We both went back for seconds and there is still some leftovers for me to enjoy for lunch tomorrow.

I think I may have found something new to add to that rotating list of faves.

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