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Caught on camera

Five years ago, on the first day of our holiday in Valencia, I was interviewed by a Valencia TV company about my thoughts on the Fallas niñots exhibition. I’ve never seen that interview so have no idea whether it ever saw the light of day (and I’m not sure I want to see it if it did!), but it was a fun if rather random experience.

Exposicion del Niñots, Valencia, March 2019

Yesterday, on my first trip into the city on this visit, I was happily walking through Plaça de La Reina, when a man came up to me waving a piece of paper and saying something in Spanish about a photograph. It took me a moment, and for him to speak in English, to realise he was saying I had been photographed and was on this ‘newspaper’.

Plaça de La Reina, Valencia, March 2024

As someone who enjoys street photography, I probably can’t say a lot about photographing strangers on the street, but it felt like a strange sales tactic. Turns out they were armed with a vintage looking camera ready to fleece tourists who wanted to pose for a souvenir photo.

I’ve no idea what I was saying to Pops as we strolled across the square towards Calle del Mar, but they certainly captured a moment. A nice free souvenir.

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