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Tomorrow I head back to London. I’ve only been away since Wednesday evening, but I feel like I’ve been away far longer. I’m looking forward to heading home in many ways, but it’s been so nice being able to take a proper time out without feeling the need to do too much.

I guess I’m lucky that I can say a trip to visit my parents means going to a different country – Spain to see my dad, France to see my mum. It’s a great excuse for a holiday and over the years I’ve tried to make the most of it. I can assure you though that having an international family isn’t always easy, especially as they get older and demands on our limited ‘free’ time become greater.

I’m also lucky that I can work from anywhere. This wasn’t a working from Spain situation as I had some leave I needed to take. That wasn’t the plan when I originally thought about a break here though. I was going to replicate what I did last spring when I worked from my mum’s for a few days before the two of us headed to Paris for a long weekend.

Of course, not everyone has that luxury. Adam wasn’t able to join me as he can’t work remotely and he still gets a paltry holiday allowance compared to what I’m used to. When you factor in that he works every Saturday, so therefore rarely gets a two day weekend, you start realising how lucky those of us who work Monday to Friday are. But that’s a topic for another time.

I’ve never been good at resting.

When I’m at home there is always something that I want or need to do. I’m never able to fully switch off my brain with multiple things whirring round my head. When it comes to holidays, the idea of a beach holiday depresses the hell out of me – why would I want to lie by a pool or on the beach when I could be off exploring? Also, I hate sand! Therefore, I find it hard to make time for rest. For choosing to do nothing.

Having been coming to Valencia for nearly 20 years, I no longer have that wish list of places I must visit. Yes there were places I wanted to revisit. New places I wanted to check out. New discoveries to be made. But my main purpose of this trip was to relax and rest.

Walking over 20 miles in four days may not feel like most people’s idea of rest, but for me this trip has been the perfect balance. Most importantly, I’ve switched off from the world a bit. I’ve been online far less. Worrying about the state of the world less (though it’s constantly on my mind). I’ve not had to set an alarm – the day starts when I wake up naturally, which hasn’t really been any later than if I were at home if I factor in the hour time difference. Generally I’ve been doing less – though a lot of that is thanks to the fact I’ve been looked after so well and haven’t had to deal with all those annoying daily chores.

Yesterday afternoon, after a delicious lunch cooked by my dad, me, my step mum and an old friend of hers got hooked on a TV series. (Watching a US drama, dubbed in Spanish with English subtitles is an experience!) I wasn’t doing anything else. No phone immediately to hand. No stitching to be done. No feeling that I should be doing something more important. I just sat there and watched TV.

Today I went for a solo exploration. I had no time limits. No specific destination. I just let my eye be my guide as I roamed the streets. I found a bar and took a pew for an hour or so as I sat there with a drink, a snack and my book. As I headed onward, knowing I’d have to get the metro at some point, I just slowly mooched in the general direction following sights and sounds that took my interest. The one part of the day when I didn’t feel relaxed was when I got confused which was the right platform for my train.

I have a good few hours tomorrow before I need to head to the airport for my flight home but no plans have been made. Whatever I do I want to make the most of this relaxing time. I know that as soon as I land back at Gatwick my mind will immediately go back to standard mode and it’ll quickly feel like I never went away at all.

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