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Hyde Park

Twas a lovely, albeit grey, day for a rare wander around Hyde Park. It’s not somewhere I go to very often but I was headed to The Serpentine Gallery for an exhibition, so it was the perfect excuse for a bit of exploring.

Signs of spring were dotted all round the park, as were signs of the recent heavy rain. Buildings I’ve never noticed before as well as London landmarks. It was nice being able to take the time to just leisurely mooch after the excellent exhibition, with no clear destination in mind and no time limit.

I ended up heading towards Park Lane, via the underpass (I love an underpass) before jumping on the first bus that came along to go and explore one of my favourite London haunts.

Condensing my working hours so I get a day once a fortnight to do whatever I want was a great decision. It’s so nice being able to explore places during the week which wouldn’t be as relaxing and peaceful at the weekend. Booking for the exhibition (albeit a free one) gave me a great reason to get out of the flat early rather spending all day on the sofa, though sometimes that is what is needed. I made up for that sofa time when I got home.

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