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Monday Monday

2024 really needs to slow down. How is it Monday again? How is it nearly the end of March? How is it Easter at the weekend? The fact Easter falls at different times each year always confuses the hell of out me, and I have to frequently remind myself it’s because a pagan holiday, based on the movements of the sun and moon, was taken over by the Christian church to become a religious holiday.

Anyway, as we go into a new week I’m using this as an opportunity to reset things. Reset my boundaries. Reset my habits. Tick those things off my list that I keep putting off. Get shit done but also ensure I don’t over commit.

As I sit here writing before work alongside fellow members of London Writers’ Hour, I’m feeling positive about what this week will hold. Getting back into attending Writers’ Hour regularly and doing morning pages is one of those habits I want to get back into so things have got off to a good start.

The sounds of spring outside are helping me wake up and prepare myself for the day. I can hear the gentle whirr of traffic going by, the bins noisily being empty (though I suspect that’s a hard thing to do quietly), the planes flying overhead. The sounds of life reminding me of the world outside while I’m cooped up inside, making me miss my commute to an office down the road. Working from home life definitely has pros and cons. I’ll get outside for my daily walk at some point today.

But first it’s time to get organised. See what this week has in store and what I want to get out of it. Happy Monday everyone!

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