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An East(er) London adventure

Sunny Saturday in Hackney Wick

London really comes to life when the sun shines, and today that was definitely true on my jaunt across town to Hackney Wick. There was an exhibition I wanted to check out which was also a great opportunity to catch up with a friend who lives in the area.

It’s a part of town I realised I’ve barely scratched the surface on and it was nice to be taken on a wander rather than being the one choosing the route.

Inky Fingers, a screen printing studio, was the first port of call for Voting Schmoting – a charity exhibition with works donated by a large number of artists to remind people who may not vote otherwise why it’s important to do so, even though we still don’t know when the next general election is going to be.

All the pieces are for sale with profits contributing to bursaries to send young people, who wouldn’t have a chance to otherwise, to Camberwell School of Arts.

We then wandered across the canal to get refreshments at Hackney Bridge food hall. We sat looking out over the canal, catching up on life as we ate, soaking up the warmth of the sun as it streamed in the windows.

As we headed south along the canal we contemplated barge life (something we both realised we weren’t set out for) and admiring the properties whose gardens backed on to the canal. There was the occasional bike dodging moment but fortunately I mostly managed to stay away from the water’s edge – my fear of falling in heightened as always. Street art, canal boat names and reflections on the water caught my eye as we mooched.

Victoria Park was thronging with life. People relaxing on benches with a book, families picnicking, skaters skating. I’ve been to the park before but I don’t think I’ve previously realised how big it is. I’d be intrigued to go back when the sunken garden and rose garden and looking a bit more full of floral life.

We roamed the back streets, where I spotted work by Stik that I’d never seen before, until we hit Mare Street and our eyes were drawn towards The Original Pattern – a vintage store that also offers tailoring and dressmaking services. The platform jelly shoes in the window immediately intrigued me and on venturing inside it was a feast for the eyes. I was drawn to so many things, not least these two fantastic items featuring Donald Duck. Sadly they were well out of my price range.

Before jumping on a bus for the slow journey home I was able to check out the street art the bus had whizzed by on my way there earlier.

Buses and traffic weren’t on my side today. Due to this it felt like I’d spent a lot of time travelling but I wasn’t in a hurry and it was nice to just sit back and relax. Fortunately I managed to make a quick interchange on the way home just as the ever unreliable 35 was about to pull out.

I sense it won’t be long until I’m back for further explorations in the area.

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