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The perfect desk chair

I think I can count on one hand the number of pieces of furniture in our flat that were bought new. The majority is secondhand, having either been bought at vintage markets, charity and antique shops, online, or gifted by family and friends.

In a world where there is so much stuff already, I try and avoid buying new as much as possible. When it comes to furniture that is partly because things used to be made to last, unlike most of the items you can pick up from high street furniture shops these days. I’ve saved a lot of money in the process too. We are looking at replacing our wardrobes due to different storage needs, but the set I bought not long after moving in nearly 14 years ago (two double wardrobes and a matching dressing table) cost £180 delivered!

For the past four years of working remotely, nearly three of which I’ve officially been a home worker, I’ve sat at my desk on a dining chair (one that my aunt picked up from the street for me). It’s been perfectly comfortable, but it’s not exactly ideal for 8+ hours sitting at a desk. Finding a ‘proper’ desk chair that a) was comfortable, b) wouldn’t dominate the living room, and c) I liked the design of has, however, proved to be nigh on impossible.

I’ve looked everywhere and the only thing that has come close to ticking those boxes was a chair from John Lewis at circa £400, which was a tad more than I was prepared to pay.

On Monday we went on a jaunt to Crystal Palace. I didn’t anticipate finding and buying the perfect chair while I was there.

Whenever we go to Crystal Palace we always pop into Crystal Palace Antiques. Spread over four floors it is paradise for the vintage furniture and interiors shopper. Apparently it’s London’s largest antique and design ‘emporium’.

Adam and I have rather different tastes when it comes to furniture – I’m a mid-century fan whereas he prefers things a bit darker and more gothic looking – but we both always find something we would like. Sadly, being limited on space, they always have to go on the “when we win the lottery and have a big house to furnish” wish list. On this trip for me it was a beautiful haberdashery cabinet.

As soon as I saw the chair I had a feeling I had finally found the one. Sitting in it I immediately felt comfortable and could picture myself spinning around in it in between video calls. After contemplating over a pint in a nearby pub I went back to make the purchase and arrange for it to be delivered today. It felt good to finally be able to buy something that I not only liked but I had a legitimate need for. Turns out it was designed as an architect’s chair, which felt even more fitting as I used to want to be an architect.

Sadly most were shut on Monday, but if you’re ever in the Crystal Palace area it’s well worth having a look around the numerous vintage, junk and antique shops dotted around the Crystal Palace triangle.

Now that’s ticked off the list I’ll have to think of something else to look out for. I’m going to a massive flea market with a friend in a few weeks, and she’s looking for the perfect reading nook chair so fingers crossed that is as successful a shopping trip.

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