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It’s been exactly three months since I went back to reality and back to work. My year of funemployment is beginning to feel like a distant memory, but I guess this work malarkey isn’t all bad.

I’ve been lucky enough to join a great team, in an interesting and friendly organisation, where people frequently thank me for what I do – in my previous 15 years of full time employment that’s something that never happened enough.

It’s not all been easy; the first month in particular was tough. Not only did I have to adjust to working 9 to 5 again, but finding my feet took some time. By the end of month two though I’d been offered an extension (which I accepted after some negotiation) and handed over the most frustrating part of my job to a new colleague. Now three months have passed and I almost feel part of the furniture. Things are falling into place and I can see my hard work starting to make a difference. I’ve also managed to finally ensure I have a better work / life balance – something I’ve never been good at. 

Over the next seven months, I’ve got some tough work ahead but I’m up for the challenge. I often wonder if I made the right decision taking redundancy from the civil service, whether I should have done something more productive with my year off and whether this is what I want to do with the rest of my life. But right now, reality ain’t too bad. 

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