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Simple pleasures

The world is a difficult place right now, so moments of joy are more important than ever. 

Sometimes it’s the day to day simple pleasures that bring the most joy, not the big moments or grand gestures. Here’s a couple of little things that have brought me joy in the past week:

  • Despite (I thought) agreeing we weren’t doing gifts, Adam buying me a book for Valentine’s Day that I’d never seen but he knew I’d love
  • Spotting sprouts on the menu when we went to the pub for dinner – and they were delicious
  • Being let down by three shops when trying to fulfil a craving for lunch, but then spotting my favourite jam on the shelf in our local Costcutters
  • The colourful tulips I bought on Friday evening making me smile whenever I walk past them – who needs a big, overpriced bouquet

What has brought you joy in the past week?

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