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National Embroidery Month

I’ve just discovered, thanks to, that February is National Embroidery Month.

National Embroidery Month was founded in 1992, originally with the purpose of promoting commercial monogramming and embroidery. But the day has since spread in popularity to crafters, hobbyists and needlework enthusiasts who love the simplicity of embroidery.
Kit by Wimperis Embroidery

I’ve dabbled in embroidery, but as a cross stitcher I’m not sure I’d say it was simple. That’s probably because I find the logic and order of cross stitch, which I think of as a grid, safer than the more free form nature of embroidery. I know other people are the opposite. That said, I’ve enjoyed my experiences of embroidery and asked for this kit by Wimperis Embroidery for Christmas.

Embroidery by my granny

I had one of her other kits in my craft stash for the longest time before I finally stitched it last month. The fact this one is on organza fabric and there is a need for things to be a bit neater on the back than I perhaps am used to does scare me a little, but perhaps this is the perfect month (what’s left of it!) to get started on it.

Growing up I was not a girly girl, and despite numerous family members trying to teach me crafts such as sewing and knitting, I resisted taking on the default female hobbies. Boy am I kicking myself now as I try and teach myself how to use my grandmother’s old sewing machine.

I got into cross stitch nearly 15 years ago, around the time I became an aunt, when I decided to stitch a sampler for my yet-to-be-born niece, inspired by the fact my aunt did one for me when I was young. It was the start of something that became a bit of an addiction, fuelled by all the time I had on my hands when we went into lockdown in 2020.

I always have a stitch project or two on the go, and have set up a little craft corner in my living room. In fact two of my previous 100 day projects have been craft related – in 2021 I stitched 100 different stitches and in 2022 I knitted for 100 days. I like to think both my grandmothers would be pleased to see how I’ve embraced these crafts if they were still here today.

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  1. Lindsay

    How wonderful you have featured mum’s embroidery, she was hopeless at dressmaking but loved patchwork and stitching. That stood in front of her summer fireplace for years. I am in awe of it but then we all have different creative passions, thankfully.

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